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  • Haski Aviation Flight School Kit - Private

Haski Aviation Flight School Kit - Private

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Product Description

The Haski Aviation Flight School Kit comes with everything you'll need for your flight training except the instructor! One of the biggest shocks for potential students is the cost of all of the different products you need for flight training, as most schools forget to add the cost of the headset into rates. This kit includes the books and tools that you'll need for your training, as well as your headset, e6b, plotter, current local chart, and logbook. In addition to all of the great products that you'll receive, you'll also get a 5% off coupon to use towards any pair of Randolph Engineering, Serengeti, or American Optical sunglasses.

What's Included:

The Headset

David Clark H10-13.4: This is by far the most popular headset in aviation. It's great for all pilots, from beginners to advanced pilots, because it is durable, comfortable, and affordable. It comes with a soft, double foam headpad, comfort-gel, undercut ear seals, and M-7A microphone on a Flex Boom. It has a certified noise reduction rating of 23 dB, a great rate for a passive noise reduction headset, reduced headband force to make them more comfortable for longer flights, and comes with a 5 year Guarantee. David Clark also offers second-to-none customer service if you ever have any issues with your headset. The H10-13.4 is FAA TSO Approved C57 Cat. B and C58a and exceeds RTCA/DO-214 Standards. (Retail: $351.00)

The Bag

ASA Backpack: This backpack is both super stylish and practical. It easily fits all of the items in the kit with room to spare, including an entire section for a laptop. It is made of durable 600D polyester fabric and has a heavy-duty, water-resistant bottom to keep your gear safe. It has a large front pouch to store your headset, an area to quickly store your sunglasses, a dedicated laptop pouch, and 2 main sections. The larger main section easily holds all of your books and your kneeboard, while the smaller is great for quick access items such as your logbook, plotter, and e6b. The smaller section also has several pouches dedicated to keeping your pens and accessories (such as a radio, sold separately) in reach. The shoulder straps and back panel are padded for extra comfort and the lining is a contrasting blue making it easy to find everything. (Retail: $99.95)

The Books

Jeppesen Private Pilot Manual: The Jeppesen Private Pilot Manual is one of the best training books on the market. It is a soft cover book and will be your primary source for all of your study needs. It has complete and concise explanations of fundamental concepts arranged in a logical manner that builds upon previously studied material. It also includes Discovery Insets that allow you to expand your knowledge on certain subjects, highlighted key terms, Human Element Insets that help you understand your mind and body functions during flight, and a question bank at the end of each chapter.  (Retail: $86.96)

Jeppesen Private Pilot Maneuvers Manual: This book is the companion to the Private Pilot Manual. It provides step-by-step descriptions and images to help you visualize and understand all of the maneuvers that you will have to be able to perform. It also includes Skill Enhancement Insets that offer more instructional guidance, hints, explanations of common errors, and rules of thumb that will help you perfect the maneuvers. There are also several exercises that will help evaluate your understanding of different manuvers and all maneuvers are numbered and grouped based on similar operational characteristics. (Retail: $19.49)

ASA Say Again, Please: Guide to Radio Communications: This is one of the best books you'll ever use. Every student that has used this book has improved their radio communication by ten-fold. It will help you understand how to talk on the radio and the instructions given by air traffic control. It will teach you how the ATC system works and how to correctly communicate on the radios, along with how to understand and respond to all clearances and instructions. This book covers everything you'll need to know, including the ABCs of Communicating, understanding radio equipment, communication etiquette and rules, VFR, IFR, and emergency communication procedures, air traffic control facilities and their functions, review of airspace definitions, and a glossary of pilot/controller communication terms and phrases. (Retail: $19.95)

ASA FAR/AIM: The FAR/AIM contains of all of the Federal Regulations from Titles 14 and 49 as well as the complete Aeronautical Information Manual. This book updates every year and we guarantee that you will have the current one for the time of purchase. It also includes a free email subscription for updates from the FAA. Contents include:Parts 1, 43, 61, 67, 71, 73, 91, 97, 103, 105, 110, 117, 119, 135, 136, 137, 141, 142, NTSB 830, TSA 1552, the complete Aeronautical Information Manual, Sport Pilot and Transportation Security Administration (TSA) rules, the Pilot's Bill of Rights and the new "HR 5900" public law affecting ATP training and certification, the Pilot/Controller Glossary, the NASA Aviation Safety Reporting Form, Unabridged FAR Parts from Titles 14 and 49 of the Code of Federal Regulations. Pilots are required to have the current edition of this with them when in the air. (Retail: $17.95)

ASA Private Pilot Test Prep Book: This book will help you study for your FAA written exam. It includes introductory text, illustrations, questions, their answers with explanations of why certain answers are right and wrong, and references for further study. It also gives you access to 5 FREE practice tests online and a copy of the same Computer Testing Supplement (CT-8080-2F) that you will use the day of the test. You can also get your test endorsement from the online simulated testing program, though most instructors prefer to sign you off once they feel you are absolutely ready. (Retail: $19.95)

ASA Private Pilot Oral Exam Guide: Once you pass the written portion of your testing, your instructor will make sure you are prepared for your practical exam with the designated flight examiner. Your practical exam consists of 2 parts: an oral exam and the practical application flying portion. This book will help you prepare for the oral exam by reviewing typical questions that you may be asked and key points to make sure you cover when answering them. It covers a wide range of subjects including Scenario-Based Training, certificates and documents, weather, determining performance and limitations, airplane systems, cross-country flight planning, night operations, and aeromedical factors. There are several references for further study throughout the book and additional study questions as well as interviews with FAA examiners and references to the FAA documents that the answers are taken from. (Retail: $12.95)

ASA Private Pilot Airman Certification Standards: The Airman Certification Standards was created to help students, instructors, and FAA-designated examiners understand what they need to know, do, and consider for their FAA Knowledge Exam and Practical Checkride. (Retail: $9.95)

The Tools

Standard Pilot Logbook: A logbook is the most used book in your kit. It will help you track your flight hours and instruction hours. The Standard Pilot Logbook is neatly organized and easy to read, making it a favorite of pilots for over 30 years. The kit automatically comes with the black logbook, however we can substitute the pink, burgundy, or blue version of the ASA Standard Pilot Logbook upon request. (Retail: $10.95)

E6-B Color: The E6-B Color is one of the best E6-B Flight Computers. On the circular side of the computer, black is used for the rate arrow and units to be calculated, red is used for weight and volume, and blue is used for distance, time and temperature scales. On the wind side, colors are used to identify wind variation: blue identifies west (or right wind correction angle) and red identifies east (or left wind correction angle). It consists of a solid aluminum construction and comes with a vinyl case and instruction booklet. (Retail: $34.95)

Ultimate Fixed Plotter: The Ultimate Fixed Plotter is fabricated out of durable Lexan® resin that will not melt, warp, or break in extreme temperatures. It features 8 different scales to meet all of your needs when using VFR aeronautical charts with nautical miles on one side and statute on the other. It also includes a conversion scale and a quick scale reference for both statute and nautical miles. (Retail: $14.95)

Flyboys Kneeboard: One of the biggest complaints from pilots is that their kneeboards are too big, that is why we selected the Flyboys Kneeboard to include in our aviation kit. It is one of the most compact kneeboards on the market and maximizes its space with a pocket and pen slots that hang down beside your leg while keeping your clipboard and a row of eyelets to attach charts to conveniently on top of your knee. It has been used by several branches of the military and was combat tested in Afghanistan and Operation Iraqi Freedom as well as in daily high-g training events. Our kit includes the black model, however navy blue, army green, and desert tan are available for substitution upon request. (Retail: $36.95)

Detroit Sectional:  This is the chart for our local training area that you will need every time you fly. You will always receive the current edition when you purchase your kit, however you will have to keep a current edition on you during your training. (Retail: $9.00)

5% Coupon off of Any Pair of Randolph, Serengeti, or American Optical sunglasses:  You will receive a coupon that you can use to take 5% off any pair of Randolph, Serengeti, or American Optical sunglasses when you purchase our training kit. It can be used in store or online at and is only valid for one year from the purchase of your kit.

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