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Snow, CamGuard and Bursting at the seams

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Well, it's been a very icy and snowy day, but we are making it work.  All orders today have made it out of our warehouse and on to USPS, UPS and FedEx.  Since the entire Eastern US is experiencing extreme weather, there may be some delays in delivery.  You can track your order on-site and find out where your package is or call the SkySupplyUSA customer service line (800 652 5546) and we will be glad to check it for you.

ASL CamGuard has just come out with some new products for Diesel and Small Engines.  There will also be an additive for Marine and Motorcycles coming out in a few months.   They have a terrific product and with this weather, it provides protection for your inactive engine.  For a few dollars now you can save a lot in costly engine teardowns.

Bursting -  If you have seen our warehouse, you know we have stuffed it to the max.  We are busily adding new stock everyday, so when you need something quickly, give SkySupplyUSA a call.

Stay SAFE! 

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