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SkySupplyUSA adds BatteryMInder Chargers/Maintainers

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BatteryMinder Chargers/Maintainers now at SkySupplyUSA

We are excited to announce a new line of battery chargers to our product offerings.  BatteryMinders is a great and reasonably priced way to keep your aircraft battery in optimal condition.   New batteries are not exactly cheap and to ignore them usually results in a shortened life.  Now,with the BatteryMinder,  you stretch that battery out to (5) five or more years.  The BatteryMinder has a unique "plug and play" features fully automatic pulsed desulfation circuitry that continuously dissolves sulfation safely, restoring lost cranking power and battery life.  In addition, BatteryMinder is able to monitor battery temperature to charge your battery properly without under or over charging, a feature missing in most non- aircraft chargers.    BatteryMinder has the recommendation of Concorde Batteries.  We have been impressed and think you will be pleased with the results too.    Check them our here

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