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FAA to discontinue WAC charts


Date: June 25, 2015
To: Users of World Aeronautical Charts
From: Aeronautical Information Services
Subject: Discontinuance of World Aeronautical Chart Series
World Aeronautical Chart Discontinuance
The following charts will cease to be printed beyond 17 SEP 2015:
CC-8, CC-9;
CD-10, CD-11, CD-12*;
CE-12/13, CE-15;
CF-16, CF-17, CF-18, CF-19;
CG-18, CG-19, CG-20, CG-21;
CH-22, CH-23**, CH-24.
* Revised obsolescence date: 7 JANUARY 2016
** Revised obsolescence date: 15 OCTOBER 2015
The following charts will cease to be printed beyond the dates below:
CH-25: 10 DECEMBER 2015
CJ-26: 4 FEBRUARY 2016
CJ-27: 31 MARCH 2016
ACTION: Upon obsolescence as published on each respective World Aeronautical Chart, cease use for navigation; where applicable, obtain latest Sectional Aeronautical and/or U.S. VFR Terminal Area Charts as necessary.

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