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ATP Training Requirement Changes

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If you have been putting off getting that ATP rating, you might want to think about this.  After July 31, 2014, applicants for ATP will have to meet more training requirements.  In addition to the 1500 hour requirement, you will also need to complete a ATP certification program.  The program must consist of 30 hours of ground training and 10 hours of simulator training prior to being eligible to take the ATP knowledge or practical test.  The simulator time must include at least 6 hours in a level C or D (full motion) simulator through a part 141, 142, 135 or 121 certificate holder, not under part 61.  There will also be a restricted ATP that can only be used for serving as a first officer at an air carrier and that training can still be done under part 61 until 07/31/2014.   Bottom line is, get that ATP done before the rules change.   SkySupplyUSA can help you obtain that goal with  a complete line of ATP study materials available.  Check them out here!

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